Lieutenant Governor’s Race Neck and Neck: Contrary to Democrat Super PAC Fake Polling

ELLISVILLE, MS — Following the recent release of Democrat Super PAC Mississippi Today’s release of a New York commissioned poll, the Chris McDaniel for Lieutenant Governor campaign today announced its neck and neck position among Republican primary voters. With August’s election right around the corner, the McDaniel campaign is in a strong position to oust incumbent Delbert “the Democrat” Hosemann. 

Glaring inaccuracies and incorrect sampling can be found in the detailed outline below. The liberal mainstream media frequently releases skewed “polls” against conservatives — as voters saw during President Trump’s campaign in 2016. 

State Senator Chris McDaniel had the following to about momentum in the field: 

“Our campaign is proud of our hardworking volunteers and the momentum they’ve built to end Delbert ‘the Democrat’s’ liberal reign in Jackson. The race for Lieutenant Governor is neck and neck — and we’re going to continue pounding the pavement and talking to Mississippi Republicans up until polls close on Election Day.”

On Background: 

Democrat Super PAC the Mississippi Today’s recently published poll with New York based Siena College Research Institute touts the “credentials” of Woke Disney-Owned Progressives at FiveThirtySeven. 

The following glaring errors can be identified as inconsistent with Mississippi’s voting history and reality:

  • Party affiliation: 29% of those sampled identify as Non-Republicans — the significant makeup of said “non-Republicans” voting in a Republican primary is nonsensical.  
  • Historical Turnout: The sample size identified is extremely low for Mississippi primaries, only making up 68% of Republicans represented in this poll. Historical election turnout numbers show that Republicans were undersampled by almost 20%. 
  • Oversampling of unrepresentative ethnic breakdown: 18% non-white voters is incredibly high and doesn’t replicate historical election turnout in a republican primary. The poll oversampled that groups historical turn out by almost 15%.  
  • The whole field is not sampled: The 3rd Lieutenant Governor candidate is not asked about and unfair of sampling the field. 
  • “Far Right” is a slanted, negative, and liberal way of asking where Republicans fall within the party. That question can’t portray an accurate party makeup and yet is being used as a talking point by Delbert “the Democrat” and mainstream media. 
  • Leading to… The impossible 45% of Mississippi Republicans whoidentify as moderate within the survey. Moderate lacks definition and could encapsulate populist or Trump Republicans who would never be inclined to vote for the President’s nemesis, Delbert “the Democrat” Hosemann.

Siena has a  history of getting things wrong — even in their own backyard of New York.

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